What to do if your idea is asking for a lawsuit?

I am now part of the Merry Go Round Blog Tour! I am the 20th on the line so all I can hope for is you have enough patience to reach my blog.

 But today’s topic itself for me would be – what to do when your idea is surprisingly similar to some already existing story or show or movie or series?

Last time I faced this problem was, when I wished to create a secret serial killer service. I spent 3 long days on building flesh on the bones, when I decided to see what has existed in real life and started strolling around in the Wikipedia for ideas. “This looks similar,” I noted soon, “and this here,” I felt better – meaning I wasn’t very far from reality, which was good – “and this one!” and I got slightly worried. Then I reached Mossad. Thank you, fine! Good bye my so caringly built idea!

Now, over a year later I face the same issue. With my sanctuary idea. This time I believed I had done the research and found out all the possible similar ideas out there. And yet, when I inserted the search term, I winded up on a page that described the same idea. I knew it wasn’t original or anything, but to find something that’s like one-on-one, it still comes as a shock.

But I’m not willing to put it aside again.

What can I do to make it less likely to lawsuit? Or to have less similar lines to the show?

I guess I first need to determine exactly what I’m planning.

Secondly, refocus my impact character.

Thirdly, change the reasons and whatnot why the sanctuary is built.


I know this looks like an odd post, but I’m slightly off today, watching my idea get volcano ripping it in two.


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