I’m changing my name – Mentally Challenged

Lately I have this monstrous plan in my head to put all my modern story characters to live in one place so I wouldn’t have less work in the future. Background as such is a bit of abstract thing to me, meaning I describe it as I go, but mostly I do it so it could be anywhere. So why not have one place altogether where they could live happily ever after?

The plan itself isn’t so new. I think I was pondering over its usefulness already when building the city for one of my first longer stories. Back then I didn’t pay much attention to it as I needed to create the world for that particular story. Now I feel I’m a bit late with accomplishing it. In a quick peek on what went on and when and putting just the list together of characters, who do fit the profile is enormous. The quick statistic of my story ideas I have worked into possible beginnings I’d like to turn back to shows that I have around 600 characters for about 300 stories. Not included the snippets in my scrap files or stories that are placed in their specific era or background or reality.

On one side it warms my heart that I’m not without a reason thinking of myself as a writer, but on the other side I know it would be monstrous idea to put it all in one file to get statistics on them. Impossible at this point too as I don’t have such time on my hands right now.

What I could do is I can still develop the city itself and add the characters and their living places, etc on the map as I turn back to the stories.

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