Sexual deviantism

!!! M-rating all the way! Mature eyes only!

 Uu! That’s one heavy headline.

“Love and pain: Keira Knightley and Michael Fassbender enact scenes of sadomasochism in A Dangerous Method…The 26-year-old Bend It Like Beckham and Pirates Of The Caribbean star appears topless in the film A Dangerous Method and in one scene is seen strapped to a bed while being thrashed by her lover. …A Dangerous Method tells the story of a scandalous affair between Sabina Spielrein, a beautiful but troubled Russian who -suffers from uncontrollable and violent fits, and Carl Jung, the married Swiss psychiatrist, who agrees to treat her…”

That’s how the article said. It made me laugh in a good way and I needed it. But it wasn’t the article that brought up this topic. It was actually the FMW’s little clip in FB: …Tour on CROSSED-GENRE all month long. And you can imagine how THAT cheered me up. 😀

I actually know what the topic is about in FMWs, but it made me wonder where the two would meet if given the chance. Literally? I think it would be all about hetero, considering it’s the crossed genre… you get the joke? If not, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help it.

Though I think we could talk about it if it was only grown-ups related and it would be very interesting as well, considering that the sexual deciantism in literature outside the erotic writings is just as little explored. Oh, but you should take up fanfiction on it and uulalalaa! You’ll be up all night thinking what on earth was that suppose to be. This is surprisingly refreshing after reading several books again and realizing they didn’t contain what I was hoping to find from there.

Like “Falling to Pieces”.  I read it and it actually shocked me. The strength of one situation and how one thing can lead to another just because of coincidence occurring at that time.Readingfanfic tends to bring up large amount of fluffy love stories with deep angst written in them and it gets sadly one-sided that way, but the better are the stories that surprise you and this one did. It feels slightly rough on edges, didn’t quite like the continuing solution either (after something like this I see now how-way why Duo would act the way he did without suspicions on other person’s character or fear of same situation building up again – victims with such ), but the idea itself blew me away. The rape came to me absolutely unexpectedly and though it was seriously graphic, I couldn’t put it down before the end and the question “Huh?”. That’s for the end. The middle and the beginning – wow! I want the same kind of excitement back in my stories! The emotional shock it caused!

Also got back my collection of confessions. Bought it several months back in purpose of studying how others deal with sex in the books. I’m slightly fed up with the erotic literature and romances that are putting too much of it in without a good plot to support it, yet I know I have too little of it in mine, making it feel like its getting nowhere. So, side-challenge for this year is to write a good hair rising graphic….

Pick-ups on the line: “Duo is a closet story”. I thought that said pretty much all about the story. I like so straight explanation what one finds from the fic – you know what you risk with.

I guess in one hand it’s good that there is still room to shock people, because this mean I still have a chance if I put my own ideas into readable books, but on the other hand it made me wonder how much such literature would be accepted in the first place. Is self-publishing still the only way to get the topic around if the main publishers are closing the doors to be safe?

About the movie. Is it the new shocking thing in movies nowadays? The soft-core BDSM – wasn’t it the topic of that movie, the Secretary? Seems like the whole society didn’t bother to be shocked back then, but now it is something that just has to come out? Just as my sister said – few years back it was subtle, now it’s all open and straight to your face. I wonder if this subtle line passes and they go straight to the hardcore and start showing it all in local movie theatres if they’d turn back in absolutely forbidding it all once more or would they go on to something heavier. What could possible be heavier than this – necromancy? Uuu – the Snow-white story! I better not go there.

I’m surely going to see it though, it works nicely into the subject I’m studying at the moment and I don’t think I ever wish to miss movies on Jung.

Subject I’m studying? No need to get over-exited here either :D. I don’t study with hands tied behind my back, I do it through the interesting field of Social stigmatizing and Psychology of Fear. I am still searching the base of the Hidden for my novel. It’s very much related to the topic though, because I’m researching different genres for it and also deviant characteristics that can end with somebody being shunned from the public eye or the need to hide your real self to make others feel safe about you.

 I thought I needed different approach for the Hidden and as studying the monsters of time hasn’t brought me much to work with, I am taking different approach. What is it that makes people fear? It’s easy to say that it’s caused by social insecurity, but what exactly makes people cast somebody out? Also, the subject of Human guinea pigs has been bothering me. I remember there being many, who testified against Nazis in court and there are plenty in other countries, but… how would others accept them back in the society? Wouldn’t they bring up horrific fantasies each time one would see the victim? Or how would they accept the idea that they actually don’t know what was going on with them? If they are still contagious or not? The psychology, the attitudes, number of suicides amongst them? Which reminds me, I still have few basic articles to scan through before I can go hunting for the right books from the library.

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