Estonian speller

I made myself a gift today. Something I should have done nearly a year ago, but for some reason I didn’t. I got myself Estonian speller, thesaurus and divider for MS Word 2007.

It’s just I spent nearly half of the time when writing on going back and researching the words I made mistakes in. So now I should have faster typing speed. I searched other options and free options, but couldn’t find any. So… I ironglad my heart and bought it. It better be worth the money!

 Like that means I’ve reached to absolute writing world. Unfortunately I have not. I’m still bothered by the story so far and keep getting the red flag that I’m not really writing the story right or that the characters give the wrong impression and not the hiding-for-the-future, but not-what-I-want-at-all kind. It’s so irritating. Perhaps I’ve overdone with the idea and need to go back to the basics. Ugh! I need wallpaper roll! And then start the story over. Perhaps… hmm!

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