Evening with social freaks

 The day before yesterday I happened on a show from one of the far end channels on our Viasat package. I don’t even know what channel it was, just random number combination, but what I saw there caught my eye. Someone playing Hyde! Like Jeckyll and Hyde!

So yesterday I searched it out. Indeed, someone had made a TV series out of it. The first impression, however, wasn’t very pleasant. I still decided to take peek in other episodes and just check the character built. Until I saw the first, the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth episode and suddenly it didn’t matter how bad the script was, because James Nesbitt was impressive. And because they used low trick many women are suckers for – the devil with a soul. Sue me – I like it! There is always prince hidden in the monster. Actually – sue Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, who wrote down the first version on Beauty and the Beast.

To top this off I watched the new episodes of BBC Sherlock.

Sherlock (God’s gift to women)

Wait! When I said “there is always prince hidden in the monster”, it means literature! I like those stories, yes, but you must understand one thing. I do not dream of saving some lost soul. In real world it doesn’t exist and it is one road that will only take you through hell. I fancy the stories, but even there I get enough at some point and it’s far more interesting to sit, relax and watch them… fall. I’m not weird, I just happen to be big fan of Dorian Gray. You seriously should read analyzes on that character!

That would make my ideal character mix of BBC Sherlock, Jeckyll-Hyde and Dorian Gray? Oh my! Now that would be cool one to read about!

I’m back on track, in other words, and I think I figured out another problem on the novel.



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