If you don’t want to know what happens in the series, I suggest not reading further!

I just finished watching the first season and I’m not sure I want another. Why? Because it ended with perfect fairy tale ending! And to go and ruin it up by adding the second season to the punch is just cruel.

Especially if I think on Mr. Gold’s happy ending. I don’t want anyone to go and ruin it up.

Rumplestiltskin aka Mr. Gold is played by Robert Carlyle. He is known for very different roles, but when I first saw him sitting there in the jail… It brought chills. I was sold and wanted to see more, even if the rest of it might not be that good. Which was nice in the end, but…

BUT – and here comes the real but! – his entire image was screwed up with mixing up Rumplestiltskin fairy tale and Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. I felt like kid in a candy shop, going through all the visible details hinting one or another fairy tale and all this on the background of a wonderful, heartbreaking story. I’m a big fan of Beauty and the Beast, I’ve said it several times, but this version of it simply made me cry in the end. WHY? What on Earth were the writers thinking, writing his role like that? I so wanted him to have his happy ending. Until on the last half of the last episode we got to the great triumph and the rest of the couples all seemed to play sidekick roles for his happy ending. Sue me – I LOVE IT!

But being in the middle of character buildup myself, I want this character up on my wall as poster of Rumplestitskin instead of Vitruvian man. It had everything – losses, wins, triumph, tragedy, love, hope, fails, weaknesses, charisma, intelligence, purpose and reasons for his actions. Reasons that involved more than joy of doing evil. Actually, he wasn’t evil at all – only a man, who didn’t have morals intervene with business.

I think I’m up to a serious character study here, because I want to know how this character came to life. If others in this series are what they are, then this one is worth rediscovering the power of character building once more.


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