Long Distance Call part 2

After that weird contact I spent almost every free time reading the book. But in silence so I wouldn’t have another of those surprise call outs. Lizzy never understood what happened that evening and I didn’t think it would help if I tell her, so she never learned about it. I was surprised she didn’t even see the two very straight arrows in the desk.

We did the spring celebration. I found it on the second page and read it twice before deciding it was harmless. At least I hoped it was and I still fret about the entire thing happening again, feeling like a swallow the moment it ended and I hooked sis to the lemonade glasses and sent her off to bed.

I didn’t sleep much. I kept staring at the circle trying to imagine what he looked like and what he said – twice this decade. Who was the other one who called him out? Was it someone I knew? Was it granny?

Not once during that heated thinking did I say myself there is no such thing as magic. Or the book I held now above my bed under the roof was some witch’s daily cook book. Some witch’s? This belonged to my family, hardly strangers. Just someone I hadn’t known about, that’s all.

Grandparents are so predictable Barry said once at school. I agreed with him back then. To my excuse I could say I had had little experience with having grandparents. I never knew, who my grandfather was as he died years before our birth and grandmother was, well, slightly hard to get along to. That was my mother’s opinion, I found her to be surprisingly easy to deal with. That’s when I managed to see her; she was indeed a mobile woman even in her high age, traveling all the time. Now, she was one huge mystery to me and I had no idea what else she was to pop out to us.

I turned away from the ceiling. There was plenty of time to deal with her and her secrets tomorrow – this book was in my hands now and I intended to know it from every side possible. She probably had things hidden between the creasy covers too.


The next morning I was waken up by a loud slamming sound too close for my liking. I immediately jumped out of the bed as it were caught in fire, before realizing, where I was. One look out of the window confirmed my suspicion that it was too early for the workers on the street to be doing demolition on the last part of the street laid intact, which unfortunately meant only one thing – the bang came from the other side of my bed.

Several curses followed and the same elf I had banished yesterday rose up giving me yet another site of his not quite likeable features.

“I swear I did not read any book this time!” I started fast, taking several steps away from the imaginative circle he was standing in. If he was mad, which, giving the circumstances was highly possible, he at least couldn’t come after me. “And I did not – I repeat, NOT! – call you out this time!”

He stared at my shivering body and discarded what he was obviously wishing to say. I must admit, I have never been much to look at in what I slept in, old grey t-shirt and long pink trousers. I pulled my hands up to cover the parts he wasn’t suppose to see through the thin garment and gave him a displeased grunt.

He on the other hand was dressed for training, brown trousers with wide belt to keep the back straight and light boots. According to the sound the bang I heard earlier was sort of a heavy landing wrestlers would do when falling on opponent’s chest… Oh my, this had to hurt to land on a wooden floor instead of someone’s soft flesh or sand pile.

However he kept looking for something with his eyes, letting them travel around the room. He wasn’t wearing any weapons, except some dagger strapped on his right arm. I think he was verifying my words by searching for the book, but as it was static in its hiding place above my bed, he couldn’t see it.

“I thought you finished the spell after releasing me.” He then said quietly, still panting from the training he had been to. It must have been one heavy fight, he didn’t pass as some weakling.

“Well, to be honest, I thought I did.” I lied. In fact, I thought releasing him was all I had to do to get the illusion disappear. “I have no idea, why you are here again.”

“I am here, because you summoned me!”

Oh, don’t start with that crap again, I moaned. For that I should have put my lips together and gesture the sounds, which as far as I knew I had not done.

“I did not! Stop saying that!”

Silence scooped in some moments we spent staring at each other, before I couldn’t keep the eye contact any longer and had to look somewhere else. He wasn’t the type to keep repeating he was right, which was quite pleasant discovery in my behalf, Tim was all that and more and I enjoyed it for a second. My eyes traveled back to his uncovered knees. I came back to the notion the blow those two endured had to be immensely painful.

“If it means something, I’m sorry for the…” how should I call it? Earthquake? “um, landing. I didn’t mean it to be that way if any.”

He accepted my apology with a quick nod. Seeing he wasn’t about to threaten me this time as he did yesterday, I got little courage to take a step closer to him. He didn’t move.

“Say, um… you wouldn’t want the arrows back you shoot me with yesterday, would you?” This had to be the oddest thing to start a conversation with I scolded myself. His brown eyes flickered for a moment before turning to look where the arrows had landed. I followed his eyes.

There was no signs left about anything hitting in the wood, I put some flower stickers on the spots so it would look less messy. The problem with the arrows was that in order to remove them, I sort of broke them off and then filed the spots smooth before anyone might got an idea of looking in that direction. This in general idea now meant that I didn’t really have anything to give him back.

“The arrowheads have not been removed from the wood?” He asked quickly with little enthusiasm, before shaking his head, giving me one mean glance. “If I’d ask them back now, when you have offered them to me and you would have nothing to give me back, I would have the right to ask the guerdon in your flesh.” He paused to watch how the blood left my face, before continuing. “Would you like to repeat your question?”

Turning pale in less than a second was enough of an answer I assumed and I promised to burn them with my trash. That thing settled I gave him a quick question about him wanting to return to whatever had occupied him earlier. Like I had to ask, his scowling turned in bright fierce anger for dealing with someone this annoying and idiotic that I gave him fast approval to leave, before he could say anything extra.

He disappeared and I sank down on my bed before letting my breath slide out of me. He was scary, even if he stayed civilized, I decided. There was one thing I failed to mention him though, probably because in the surprise visit I didn’t remember it myself – there was one time before his appearing when I thought about him. In my dream! Did this count for calling? If it did, I was in deep trouble; I couldn’t get him out of my mind anymore. Especially now, when he had appeared again and freshened my memories.

It was not in purpose, I told myself. My brain was just recalling the day events and that happened to pop in my head with along other stuff, like wet kittens and bibles and the book… No, I could definitely not been blamed for calling him out as I had not done it willingly, it was nothing more than my brain pulling tricks on me, one very mean trick.

But if mere seeing him in my mind caused the spell revoke, I had to learn to control it by somehow not thinking on him and where he might have came from. Though it would have been interesting to know more about what he was doing – this seemed military training he was doing. You wouldn’t see something like that in today’s world…


Parents need to be credit for not “noticing” when something is really wrong in their kid’s worlds. They can be ignorant to the facts for months or even years if nobody puts their noses in it and that was exactly what my parents did – they ignored everything that came upstairs.

Was it probable they didn’t hear the smash? Right! And I’m the canary married to a cat. I could have played along and say it was my boyfriend who happened to smash one of their beloved TVs on the floor because he was so passion strike. It was unlikely they would have believed me, but it would have been better than sitting around the breakfast table, trying not to look in their children’s eyes and carry on their daily conversations.

Lizzy’s face was the guiltiest one today. I managed to put on the nun’s appearance, who will go to school, do her duty and come back home to pray in her little cell. Neverhteless, her condemned look was a puzzle to me. Had they fallen out with Susan after she went to bed? Had Susan threaten her with something?

When walking to school, I had plenty of time to question her and find out that her hangdog face had nothing to do with neither my little problem nor with Susan.

But she had heard the crash from my room and now she was concerned that I was using her to hide my boyfriend’s visits and she was not happy with things going that way at all. If she hadn’t been so serious, I would have laughed hard. I still wished to, but she was right – it wasn’t fair.

I did my best to assure her that wasn’t my boyfriend, who was sneaking in, explaining more of the situation that led to my house arrest in the first place. She immediately inquired if we considered ourselves as partners, which I gladly denied and managed to raise her mood notably through that.

I held a low profile in school. After sending sisters to their classes, I turned back to my main problem – keeping the elf out of my thoughts through various distractive elements I had brought with me. That included my player with the loudest band in my collection, which eventually gave me a humdinger of a headache and a collection of sudoku riddles (never my favorite pastime). In classes, where neither of them could help me, I spent the minutes pushing holes in my cardigan – during the first class- or drawing S-shaped snakes in my books.

Living through the day was easier than I thought. Well, that after I left the player alone and the headache eased away and giving my sudokus to classmate. She was overjoyed, I was just happy as the sleeping drug had passed to another unsuspicious victim.

In the evening I decided to skip the not thinking part and figure out the last riddling question he had planted in my head. What did he mean I hadn’t finished the spell? Wasn’t it enough just saying he was free to go? Or should I have performed something extra? Like saying the spell all backwards to reverse the effect as they did in the movies? Charmed sisters would have a field day if they were real. I had a huge problem in my hands.

I was lying on my bed after finishing the essay on John Tyler and stared at the ceiling. What use was to hide myself from the book if Finn appearing before my eyes was a living proof that there was something I hadn’t quite taken in consideration?

I got the book and spread it out right on the encyclopedias and notebooks. I could finish typing it in later, I decided and searched the page out. There had to be something extra, but to my disappointment I couldn’t find anything. As if that part was never written.

“Finn, you are gonna be so mad when you hear about this.” I sighed disappointedly and buried my head in the pillow.

As if ordered I heard water splashing on my floor again and realized too late that this definitely went under calling him. And it was sunset time, which would then mean the portal was again open and I had…

“WHAT? Again? Come on!” His voice rocketed over the room.

I winched and was forced to look what made him so thorny this time. Beside the fact he was yet again forced to stare at my yellow flowery wallpaper.

My jaw dropped – he was naked as a jaybird! Standing his backside at me, he appeared like in the middle of taking a shower or something.

“Oh no!” I cried sinking lower. “I am not here!”

He darted around. “You called me out again, didn’t you?!” He eyed the open book between my fingers and reached for it, but banged against the barrier. “You are doing this consciously! That book! Hand it over – I want to remove that page from there so you’d stop disturbing my damned life!”

I gaped at him, not really knowing what to say. He reached for the book again and I was forced to pull it back suddenly sensing his wet fingers too close.

“I didn’t read from here yet, you fool!” I hit the book shut and put it behind me. “Have you no shame?” I turned this turmoil back on him, hoping creating shame on his nakedness will take his mind off the book.

“Excuse me! Didn’t think I need pants to wash myself!”

His face had no different color than before and I had to admit, he really was shameless. Well, I wasn’t about to faint of embarrassment either and left him rattling over the undutiful faith to dig in my chest of drawers. It might have been nothing to him, but having two little sisters, who could run in at any moment I preferred him covered…

“There is the movie on Channel 8 I wanted to see,” Lizzy flew in starting fast, closing the door after her, “Susan’s using ours, can I…” she fell back against the door. “Whoa!” her youthful stare flew over his body as if it was a statue placed in an art museum. There was some to look at I’d be honest.

“Oh dash it… ” I hid my face in the towel. We were never hid from the ways of the world, but this was little more she was leveled for in my opinion. She was definitely to ask a lot of questions about that naked guy in…

“Oh great!” he threw up his hands. “Now I’m some girlie’s wet fancy! Give me that!” he demanded and grabbed the bath towel from my hand to cover self up. I didn’t even notice I was that close.

“That is not your boyfriend.” Lizzy pointed out keeping her lovely glare steady on his furious face. “He was way shorter the last time I saw him. Though not less wet.”

I couldn’t help but being proud for her not falter once keeping her gaze on one place. Mine was way too traitorous and swung over more than few times.

“I am not her …!” he chocked.

I thought in my best interests to intervene. “See? Just as he wanted to say – not a boyfriend. He’s somewhat a…” God, I prayed, keep me from laughing, I searched some signs in him to find the right words. His scowling wasn’t making the task easier. “…um, huffy elf…” wearing my towel, angry as hell and ready to strangle me if I stand anywhere near his reach.

“An elf?” she wasn’t ready to go with the flow yet, but noticing his two tall pointy things she shrugged halfway. “I’m dreaming…” she shrugged again. “Yup, that’s it, I’m dreaming…” she closed the door after herself.

I took a deep breath, but almost choke on it as she flung the door open and measured Finn one more time from tip of his toes up to the pointy ears. “Not a boyfriend.” She turned to me. I nodded. “An elf.” I nodded. “Wearing your green towel.” I had to check before agreeing, but yes, that was the fact. “Yup, this has to be a bad dream.” She closed the door once more and I listened her steps furthering away.

I was biting my lips quite hard now, not really daring to look at him again. I wondered if he noticed the little wet part with my boyfriend and what ideas that might give him, but most of all I was worried that now there was no way to make him understand I wasn’t calling him out in purpose and I would have happily agreed to leave him be.

The room grew awfully cold now and dampish. My courage failed me and I kept the eyes lowered.

“Send me back.” He said resentfully, hands crossed on his chest. “And never summon me again or risk loosing your tongue.”

I sighed. If it was mine to say, which it wasn’t. I might even enjoy life without tongue.

“You may go.” I whispered.
The moment he was gone, I searched for another towel and dried out the water pool on the floor, before dragging the bed in the middle of the room to hide that damned place that cost me so much trouble. I was sure that if he had no where to return to, I can’t summon him unwillingly either.

Then I hit the bed and did some whet eye whining, before hiding the book above the ceiling panel and freeing the space from school work. I had no will left to type it in now, perhaps in the morning, when this feeling of sorrow had passed, tomorrow was Saturday after all, so plenty of time for that nasty task.


That night brought me no salvation. I kept pondering over my icy situation and woke up after every hour like a clock work in fear he might be standing there again, yelling at me to send him back.

Then, when that fear finally faded, I couldn’t help but think about what went on in his world and who he was. In my opinion he had to be some sort of a knight, but I wasn’t sure, who. He didn’t seem that terrifying anymore and I even liked his brown- red armor he appeared in on the first night. That covering his warrior’s body wasn’t such a bad deal I chuckled.

Thinking on him brought me back to the horror he might accomplish if I accidentally summoned him anywhere near the sunrise, so I moved on wondering how to bring this to an end. I had to find somebody, who could explain me, what I had done and what I did wrong. There had to be someone, who wasn’t a charlatan or after huge amounts of money to earn on a fool’s behalf. Finding anyone close to that description might take years though and that was not the time limit I wanted to push myself in.

Then there was the little sister problem. I wasn’t sure, what to tell her in the morning for explanation, but I better find it fast as morning was fast to approach.

“There is no time!” I whispered, pressing my temples to stop aching. Why did this all seem so urgent? I needed time to understand this, but I had none.

Feeling worse than ever I skipped all the next problems I happened to think about and tried to sleep. It was hard, but I did manage to get another two hours without waking up now and then before mom woke me up, displeased that I had moved my two-people bed around without consulting them first as through that I had carved some heavy furrows in my freshly put floor and that seemed the worst thing I could do.

I rather accepted that accusation and slid away from the real reasons why this gigantic thing was now in the middle of the room instead nicely under the eastern window where it had been the past six years. To keep curtain someone out of my room.

The rest of the day was just as equal to Friday the 13th, so equal even that I lost all hope of seeing anything brighter that day than a pitch I was made to clean. Never tell your mother you don’t want to help her washing the car if you’re under house arrest. They can be quite creative on finding you something to do.

Sunday followed almost the same routine, except I also had the essay to type in. I had little time to think about anything and couldn’t wait to get in my bed and sleep for the next week. Dreaming has never done much harm, now has it? In general I mean. Not particularly that incident.

Anyway, I was way deep asleep, before that evening’s event started. I didn’t know about it before been waken by my sister holding my nostrils closed in the early morning, but still.

My sister has a bad habit, something I really dislike about her. It’s slightly hard to explain, but I think this characteristic only belongs to dogs department and therefore it is very annoying to find it with some people, who think it’s funny.

I think I was already half awake when she came to me, because I could hear her sneaking on the bed and then whispering something with someone in the footboard. I wanted to deceit myself just a little longer that I don’t have to wake up yet and slight peek on the window didn’t indicate the time was right either, so I kept my eyes strongly closed. Nonetheless, I couldn’t move my feet though I tried and that was little unnerving. I must of forgotten the cover on I decided, waiting now impatiently for her to make her move.

“Wait and see,” she giggled happily and it suddenly occurred to me this was not meant for me, but to the th… “Wake up!” she whispered to my ear and closed my nose so I had to gasp for air and open my eyes if I wanted her to stop.

I screamed like hell the next moment when I was all of a sudden faced both with Lizzy and the elf sitting on the footboard, grinning. It took me a while to realize he had to been there since sunset, because it wasn’t yet sunrise and that he had his blanket with him, a beautifully margaric piece with white embroidered corners and decorations.

“W-why do you have this with you?” I asked hastily, bringing mine higher to cover myself up.

“Have what with me?” he did indeed sound amused. Perhaps he had forgotten his promise concerning my tongue. I sure hoped so.

“You’re blanket. Don’t tell me you spent the night here!”

“I did.” He nodded.

“W-why? How?” I was thoroughly confused. I had no idea anymore what made him come again and again, because I hadn’t thought about him the whole day, including the evening neither had I seen him in my dreams. Yet here he was, smiling like a lunatic and my own blood related sister with him.

“I should be asking that question from you!” his voice grew much lower.

I took that as a sign to get Lizzy out before continuing this conversation any further, but I didn’t have to – she had already left. Looking at the clock probably reminded her that it was hardly five in the morning and she went back to finish her sleep. She never missed much of her sleep. But I was clad she woke me up instead of mom or dad.

“I don’t know – I went to sleep far before the sunset.” I wasn’t to let him drag me back in the self blame I had fallen in earlier. Here was something more in play than only my will. “I don’t know, how you came here again, but I swear and will keep swearing that I have not called you here nor have I thought on you this whole day!”

“It had to happen somehow, why would I be here then?”

“I don’t know – figure it out yourself, you’re the elf!”

His rubbed his eyes, but stopped immediately. “What’s that suppose to mean?”

“That you are a bloody elf! You are magic all over, what do you think? You know more of magic than anybody else in this world!”

“What are you blabbering about? My people are warriors, not some mumbo jumbo dealers! We use magic very little, only our Healer knows more and she is neither human nor elf! It is you, who deal with magic, not us.”

“Right! Here, everybody know magic is a curse made to torture human kind with its nonsense idiotic spells! Is this enough of an answer to your question?” I hit my foot out under the blanket towards his thigh. It hit right thigh hard, but did little damage. “I can’t give you promise I can’t keep,” I hit him once pre every word, “because nothing I do seems to fucking work!”

He finally captured my foot, it was probably causing him a bruise already. “Send me home!” he demanded and I was happy to grant it for him.

I didn’t get any sleep after I sent him away. I focused on my anger that I felt was more powerful now than ever more. How ridicules to think humans knew more of magic then elves did! They were made of magic – we were mere flesh and bones held together by fluid called red blood, which at this point was boiling hot in my veins. If there were so many witches among us, why did I feel ahead of failing in searching anybody who could help me with this problem?

Magic my ass! Next time I’ll put boiling oil van on the place where he appears not my comphy bed! Yes, that’s exactly what I’ll do!


My plan was cut short before I could pamper myself with doing it. Because I had moved my bed without my parent’s consent earlier, I was cracked down at mere sound of removing my chair around and was put under tight loose not to move anything again and to bare the bed in the middle of the room now as my punishment for the foul deed.

Only thinking he might appear there again sleeping the night off made me shiver in disgust. I didn’t even like my boyfriend in my bed, why would I like sharing it with always pissed elf? Plus I didn’t always have Lizzy to count on to wake us up before parents got the chance to find us in our weird situation.

I didn’t keep myself from thinking on him anymore. He managed to fill up all free moments I didn’t have to concentrate on the black board or house work. It was so annoying, I hardly knew the guy, not to mention he was angry son of a … well, I already said that.

But I couldn’t brush off the frustration his attitude was causing me. I wanted him to understand, to realize there really wasn’t anything I could do unless exposing myself to my family and the world of charlatans – I was sure that was not what he wanted. And the book gave me little consolation too – there literally was nothing among the texts I could understand. I was jammed, big time.

My ex boyfriend searched me up today too. What was it? An asshole day? He stood there, in the dining room’s door hole and didn’t let me pass, saying I owe him an apology. I asked, for what? He said, for dumping him. So I tried to explain it so simply a five-year-old would understand too: it was either he dumping me when his family moved or the other way around. I chose the fast way. I didn’t fail to add the other extras that made being with him so thwarting experience either. He of chores had to yell over the hall that in that case he’ll be dumping me. Like that mattered much to me anymore – he can go out with the hell dog now as far as I cared. One like Bessie Lou from eleventh grade, she always liked boys who bossed her around. A perfect couple.

That was all I could take for that day though. My breakfast tried to find its way out soon after that and I got school’s nurse personal advice to go home and get some rest. I didn’t let her tell me twice, but called mom and said I was heading to my bed for that day.

The bed was darn comfortable and knowing there was at least six hours till sunset, I made the best of it and just slept – no dreams, no thinking and no upset stomach.

Good things are not meant to last though. I can’t remember, what I did or what happened, but I was woken by the worst way I had ever thought possible – a sound of mirror shattering and a heavy Finn standing on my left foot with all his weight put on the foot.

“GET OFF!” I screamed, tugging him with the strongest power I could gather with my right foot. It felt as if he’d broken it. He moved the foot without delay, staring in shock both me and my broken mirror. He was again wearing his red armor and I didn’t need to guess the arrows on my back wall came yet again from his long bow.

“God, you broke it!” I yelled, crooking the feet so I could touch every aching muscle. He grunted and kneeled behind me, putting the bow away so he could fight with my not so willing hands and get hold over my foot himself.

“Stop fidgeting!” he said loud and pressed my hands on the bed, before he could make any move near to my foot. “It ain’t broke if that’s what you’re yelling about! If it were, you would not be able to touch it!”

“Keep your filthy hands off!” I wasn’t to oblige to him just yet. “I don’t care if it’s broken or not! It still hurts!” he frowned. That gave me some courage. “And I so want to believe right now that all you are is one fucking bad dream and the pain is part of it and the mirror…” I fell silent. The mirror! It was granny’s gift to me when I was fifteen! I flew up faster than he could react.

“You broke granny’s mirror! She’s gonna be so crystal sharp when she finds out! And father too! God, I’m gonna be grounded forever for this! What am I suppose to tell them, huh? Some sick goats landed in and shoot arrows through their beloved mirror table meant to be a family heritage for the next six generations?”

“Stop it this instant!” he barreled. “I was in the middle of a battle field if you must know! I hardly thought in direction of your mirror when shooting the arrows at the enemy in front of me! So stop yelling at me for some furniture! And why are you yelling anyway?”

I was so appalled by his straightforwardness I immediately forgot, why I was doing it. I brushed through my hair. Next to his reasons, my mirror was indeed nonexistent problem.

“I don’t know.” I whispered. I let myself down on my back again, keeping my eyes straight on the ceiling. “I had a trying day.”

“And that makes you yell at others?” he returned his bow to his lap and started playing with it.

“Usually it doesn’t…” I honestly said. “But as I said, it’s been a trying day and finding you breaking my bones is not the most pleasant way to finish it.”

“I wasn’t doing it on purpose!” he immediately took offence. “I’d be still standing on it if I was out to do that!” I wanted to apologize, saying that wasn’t what I meant, but he was on a row. “Who told you to move your bed here anyway?”

“I did it myself, nobody told me.” It was my time to frown.

He sounded stunned. “Really?”

“Yes! Who other would come out such a stupid idea in the middle of crises? Not my parents, that’s for sure! They already took me through about this, so don’t you also start!”

Wait… he sounded stunned! I raised my head to look at him. He was indeed surprised. Was he playing with me?


“Yes, of chores alone – see, there’s the ruts I pulled in the floor. Not quite a power woman…” I pointed at the birch, not removing my eyes from his face. He studied the creases before turning back at me like he’d seen something weird.

“So,” I decided this bed thing was getting odd and moved on to the next topic, “what pissed you out today?”

“Beside you?” he grinned.

Nice, that was really mature response. “Yes, besides me!” I grunted, not even pretending it was funny.

“Our neighbors decided it was a good day to blitz a village on our borderland just after the dawn. Father has been on the move since and has sent three of us – his sons- to retrieve it. Before that I talked to my father about the situation you so pleasantly put us and he now sees me as a somewhat half-wit for falling in witch’s trap. No, nothing much.” He shrugged.

“I see.” I took a deep breath to take that in. “If it is for any consolation, I didn’t set up any traps and I’m really sorry I dragged you in this. I wish I had granny here to ask her help, but I don’t.”

His eyes checked me for truth. “You have a granny to ask? Why haven’t you done it already?”

“After accidentally summoning you, I didn’t consider it a good idea to start calling out ghosts!” I felt as if he was attacking me. Hadn’t my foot hurt I’d definitely walked away from him at this point. But I couldn’t, so I had to face him. “She died a month ago.”

He nodded understandingly. “She taught you to summon?” he continued, keeping his voice calm now not to excite my passion to run again.

“She’s the one, who failed to teach me how to do it correctly. Had she told me about this years back we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“She was a witch?”

“I don’t know – she never talked about it with us. I guess she thought we were too young. But I think she was one – she left me the book.”

“But she didn’t teach you to read it.” I didn’t understand, so he continued. “You told me these were your family’s chronicles.”

“Yes, I still think so. In a way that’s what they are, aren’t they?”

He agreed, observing me in silence.

“What are you thinking?” I asked fast, like afraid he’d keep something to himself again.

“That you need help.”

“Yeah, I already called to psychiatrist.” I joked, but he didn’t get it. I didn’t bother to explain and discarded it fast. “Never mind.”

“Anyway, we have to do something about this; it’s getting dangerous for both of us.”

I couldn’t agree more.

“First, how about moving your bed so I wouldn’t end up standing on you again?” he asked kindly. It almost broke my heart to introduce him the sad truth about the furniture in my bedroom. “You’re pulling me, aren’t you?” I shook my head. I wish it was that simple.
He suspired. “Strange ways you have, humans.”

“Tell me about it.”

His gaze traveled on the window. “You know, the sunset is almost over. You better send me back.”

“You wish to go back on the battle field?”

“Yes.” It was his turn to stare at me as if I was from Moon. “It’s an honor to go in battle. Besides, my brothers would be searching me soon, I need to stay healthy.”

I think I understood that worry and smirked.

“Alright, you may go.”

“By the way, I think I have an idea, who the witch was, who…” his voice echoed few more seconds before disappearing with his image.

“What?” I shrieked up. Darn! He was about to tell me the one more person, who had dealt with this before and he dared to disappear before that? I was indeed in the limits of my luck!


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