About me


This blog began as a selfish project of exploration. It is a reminder of what I have and am writing, giving examples of ongoing projects and projects that have reached the end, but didn’t get further.

I have been writing for long time. Mostly for friends and myself. I don’t write to make social statements. I often contemplate on problems I see and include the parallaxes I notice in stories, but my focus is to write. I don’t have specific genre I write in. I prefer romances, mysteries and horror, but in what mix exactly is how the stories go. No limits. What I don’t do often, is poetry. I am purely storyteller.

In my spare time I work with students, helping them with their daily problems and make small concrete items for constructions. We can now make them in any color of the rainbow. When I don’t work, I read as much as possible, both fiction and literature studies. At the moment I study history in university, but this is my second round there. First time I wasn’t able to bring studies to an end, but the love for languages and literature, especially fiction in English has remained. 


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