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Saul-Erik Reinger

Why I love this character so much, is because despite being an impact character, since I’ve created him some years back, he has grown a lot from being just a name to someone, who I can really relate to.

The name.  King Saul was distinguished for the greatness of his knowledge and for his great physique. He was king appointed by God, who his people didn’t recognize as worthy.  He wasn’t the best of the kings, but there are certain points in his life that remind me of, who Saul-Erik is.  Erik Thorvaldsson, the Norse king Erik the Red, was the one, who first created Norse settlement in Greenland.

Saul-Erik was born in summer 1969. His first years were spent in a family with power hungry father. He ran away, when he was just 9, but didn’t spend much time on the streets. He was found and picked up by Rasmus, his future mentor, who took the boy to his friend’s family, who already had a small boy, Oliver.  They grew up together and became inseparable, like brothers. They are very different in nature, Oliver being more closed up that he is, but they complement each other and they appreciate the critics and advice both offer. This can’t be said to Saul-Erik’s genetic family.

They travelled a lot, when he lived with them, often because the family belonged in a group that was experimented on in 1950s. The society fears them and the others like, because of the history. They are often scared off by locals after they find out, too blinded by fear, so in time, the group becomes more secluded than ever. This constant fear of being found out and the childhood fear of possibility of “caring citizens” taking him away from the family, is what thrives him to this day.  There was an incident, when one time it almost happened and that fear haunts him still. He might not share their blood, but he is forever thankful for their generosity for taking him in and offering him loving family.

While he is there, Rasmus, noticing his leadership abilities, starts training him. Rasmus is the previous leader of the group, before the group had to disintegrate over night. He hasn’t given up on the idea of bringing the group back together, but he knows he won’t be the one doing it. Saul-Erik, however, proves to be eager material for transformation and so he begins teaching him everything he knows in order to him one day make his plan come true.

When he is 17, in his stepfather’s urging to make amends with his family, he returns to home, but only stays there until he turns 18 and then rejoins Oliver’s family. He doesn’t get along with his father still after all the years.

Meanwhile, Rasmus takes care that Saul knows, who he is preparing to be and gets educated accordingly. He masters economics and real-estate. He knows all the time, that he will one day be set with responsibility over the group and he takes this responsibility very seriously. His mission is simple, but hard to accomplish. Create a haven to those, who are hunted by the society for belonging in the human experiment group, plus few others. A place where they could just sit outside, walk to a shop or walk their dogs without being brought out to be problematic creatures that they were. The idea was simple, the theory doubtful, but the creating was beyond anything he planned to have.

He grows up to be 5’8 tall and medium built. His dolomite grey eyes and light hair often diminish any argument and give others impression that he means business. The only scar he bares, is the one running across his right hand wrist. It was bicycle accident from when he was 14, but because everybody joked about it “that’s a way to try to meet his maker”, on benigh fooling, he had a bracelet tattoo. His stepfather gifted him a silver bracelet to mark the foolishness of his and now he wears a tattoo around his right hand wrist with a silver bracelet. It gives impression of cover-up and those, who don’t know the story think he attempted suicide and lived. He lets them believe to certain level.

By personality he is considered to be well-honed in diplomacy and he is very honest. He indeed knows diplomacy, but he can’t second the latter. Since 1998, when he began his mission to bring the group back together and started his business of buying and then resettling the bought houses with “his kin”, he has been anything but honest to outsiders. To his own people, he is young and full of potential and he tries to stay honest with them as much as possible, but to outsiders he has fixed a reputation to keep them away. It has brought him in attention of the police, but having been observed throughout his life by the “caring society”, he knows well how to play that game.

His plus would be his strength and passion hi puts in his mission. His strength seems to spread around in the room, when he walks in. On the other hand it makes him obsessed with control. He is very cautious, who he lets in the group and how big risks he allows his kin to take. He doesn’t always hold them back, but they know the last look he sends after them, when they leave, is filled with worry. That sometimes makes others question if the man is prepared to take tough decisions if needed, but because he has proven otherwise in several occasions in the past, they, as for now, look past that, never facing up to him with it. However, he is aware of it and that makes him insecure sometimes. He turns out to be very arrogant sometimes; often blunt and very open about what he wants.

He is an impact character. So, he is impact character to Evelyn. Evelyn is a woman, who travels in his town to find her father. He learns of her from Mykola, when the man comes searching for a new hiding place, because his previous cover has been blown. While he is staying in the house next door, he tells him stories of her and his own search for normality and how she nearly completed his quest, offering it to him. Saul-Erik realizes, listening him, that he does not want to sacrifice his own happiness for the group. He has already dedicated his entire life to them, but he doesn’t wish to end up alone because of that. His own created paradise has turned into personal emotionless prison. But he loves listening Mykola’s stories and he secretly falls in love with that ideal woman, who offered normality for abnormal. After a while, Mykola leaves and he is left with longing for something he knows could jeopardize his mission.

But then Evelyn calls in his firm and asks to rent a house. Learning, who she is, he makes the one uncalculated decision and selfishly gives her the house next door to his. An outsider deep inside the group territory. Two days later his rational thinking returns and he deeply regrets it, especially when he learns that she might be a bounty hunter. He knows that people like that can be bought and this creates him problems – if he lets her follow her trail, she might find information that will be harmful for the entire group should she ever think selling it. On the other hand he is fascinated of the woman he has heard so much about and that creates a problem of his own, the sort Rasmus can’t help him with.

What happens next you can read in the book next year ;) .


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Little social experiment: forbidden under 18

Had this flash idea this morning, noticing another “Forbidden under age 18”and remembering a joke from the morning’s newspaper:

Barman: “You can’t be here with your cow.”
Guest (with the cow): “Why not?”
Barman points at the sign: “No one under 18 allowed”

 You know all those warnings everywhere with the flashing sign “Forbidden under age 18”? How many of us actually put attention to them in our tender age and how many actually do it now?

 Character would be a responsible, loyal girl (because they follow rules better), who has been explained the experiment she’ll pass. The challenge is to get to the age of eighteen without ever – and I mean ever! – clicking any website, read paper or watched anything not allowed under 18.

 How long would she last? What challenges would she face? How would she cope?

 Play around – it’s free for taking.
I know you want to  😉

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If you don’t want to know what happens in the series, I suggest not reading further!

Continue reading

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Evening with social freaks

 The day before yesterday I happened on a show from one of the far end channels on our Viasat package. I don’t even know what channel it was, just random number combination, but what I saw there caught my eye. Someone playing Hyde! Like Jeckyll and Hyde!

So yesterday I searched it out. Indeed, someone had made a TV series out of it. The first impression, however, wasn’t very pleasant. I still decided to take peek in other episodes and just check the character built. Until I saw the first, the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth episode and suddenly it didn’t matter how bad the script was, because James Nesbitt was impressive. And because they used low trick many women are suckers for – the devil with a soul. Sue me – I like it! There is always prince hidden in the monster. Actually – sue Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, who wrote down the first version on Beauty and the Beast.

To top this off I watched the new episodes of BBC Sherlock.

Sherlock (God’s gift to women)

Wait! When I said “there is always prince hidden in the monster”, it means literature! I like those stories, yes, but you must understand one thing. I do not dream of saving some lost soul. In real world it doesn’t exist and it is one road that will only take you through hell. I fancy the stories, but even there I get enough at some point and it’s far more interesting to sit, relax and watch them… fall. I’m not weird, I just happen to be big fan of Dorian Gray. You seriously should read analyzes on that character!

That would make my ideal character mix of BBC Sherlock, Jeckyll-Hyde and Dorian Gray? Oh my! Now that would be cool one to read about!

I’m back on track, in other words, and I think I figured out another problem on the novel.


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Did I mention I had solid characters?

What if they turn out to be solid person? I am seriously thinking on sending the internet to hell for ruin my ideas all the time. Not so much ruin, but forcing me in depression over non-existing characters. But this time I don’t think I want to change him.

 Saul-Erik (33), Caucasian, male, who was born on the east side of Montfort, in a suburban city, fating itself up after 20 year crises. He was born in the end of Hippie era in a middle class family he was named after Kings of kings. Never fitting in, he ran from home at the age of 12. After 2 years on streets, he is picked up by a tall man, who offers him both a place and work. He takes him in a nice family in a neighboring city and learns there about the Hidden and sees firsthand what they go through. At the age of 15, he ends up in a middle of a riot and witnesses what changes his life forever. At the age of 17, he is reunited with his family, but is never really the same. Neither does he really return to his family, preferring his new one and after that he visits them, but never goes home again. During this time he witnesses another set of events that steadies his plans further, turning his plans into solid rock. He studies economics in university while preparing himself for the task ahead and after Rasmus gives him the leading position for the Hidden, he takes over with plans of giving the Hidden back the life before fear and heartache, restore the paradise, where one can walk their dog in daylight. But building a paradise and filling it with angels is never easy…

 My problem? It turns out there is one man in the monstrous world, who apparently has the same steady goal. Perhaps without the background, but the duty, the purpose, the… Yeah…

A friend once said, there is no same description on anybody. It’s just the sinking shock that the imagined man is real – I can’t seem to make up my mind if I ought to be flattered or cry.

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Recipe for the story

Yesterday I had a revelation. Though something so common, it never clicked before how and why I should do this. Using my old notes for new ideas.

I was sitting in the bus, half asleep of all the heat when it suddenly came to me. Add the Shop, kick the Mom and find the Daddy. Recipe for the ongoing story. My sleepiness was gone and so was my tired state I’d had throughout the summer. There’s something here, her big problem, her predicament, her secret! A shallow character suddenly got walls and her heart is not a naaah! moment anymore.

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What do they actually want?

!!! M-rating all the way! Mature eyes only!

“What would this guy’s actual fantasy be? What would he not ask his girlfriend do and he would ask this woman to do? What is the biggest taboo for the character? For a man? Continue reading

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