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Bad guy in the corner

I continued chewing the candy, letting it float from one side of the mouth to another, observing the creature, which stood in front of me, on the table.

“So…” I started, with irony hidden in my voice, “let me get it straight…” I threw away the bitter part of the candy I never liked, “they say you are an archangel?”

He nodded. I agreed. I put next candy in my mouth and started eating it, before popping the main question.

“You don’t look like one.”

He didn’t look surprised, which was fine by me, but it was a bit annoying really as he looked basically terrible. Not even horrifying, but simply terrible. I guess you could consider him a good-looking, but under that junk he wore, it was hard to tell.

“I am not coming with you.” I declared bluntly and turned around to get on with my work, digging deep in the candy box for a new one.

The book I was reading landed a moment later on the floor.

“Hei! I needed that! Get your own from the library if you need one!” I took it up again and cleaned it before puting it back in front of me. “I don’t care, who you are, but as I told to that other guy, I am not coming!”

He seemed puzzled. Do they ever change information with each other up there?

“That guy – in the corner!” I pointed out and fealt the cold breeze his robe created, when he suddenly turned, eyes huge, looking bigger with every moment, like when you upset a pundle of beez. That I did not expect. “Oh my!” I breethed out and backed off on my bed, stearing at the two huge creatures shissing at each other like snakes.

Few minutes after the thing started, it was over, with the second intruder’s obvious win. And by the black fire coming from the corps I kinda knew now, who the good guy was.

I saw the intruder coming for me, but I raised the only thing I knew would help if they were demons – my tiny copper circle with cross carved on it.

“If you do that to me,” I pointed at the body on the floor, “I will come and haunt you!”

He obviously didn’t like that, because he stopped for a second, then grab my arm with no warning and dragged me out of my miserable hideout.

People do stupid things, when they are under pressure – I for example grabbed my little Kinder Surprise’ toy, tiny car, from my night table. Why couldn’t it been scisours or something? Now I was dragged out of my own home with nothing more to protect me than some plastic toy and a coat he through me while heading to the window.

“Oh no you don’t!” I screamed and dug my heels deep in the red carpet that was suitable only to carbage can. “Did God give you only half a brain?!” That helped and I landed back on my ass on the carpet with his very angry eyes burning my blushed skin. Big mouthed girls have very short life expectancy.

He raised his right hand and showed towards the window.

“Stairs! Door!” I showed the blanck wooden piece in the other end of the wall. “I can’t fly and nothing you say or do can change that!”

Wrong answer – the hand tore me up and out of the window faster than the car I was holding hit the floor. Just as my body, that indeed couldn’t fly hit the street from six storeys high.

I stared at the people, who ran towards my ligfeless mashed body, from the roof just opposite to my flat with growing frustration eating me inside. Did I just commit suicide? I was surprised – I didn’t think I could just stand aside of my own body and see nothing wrong with the view. Nor did I expect myself see my own body as nothing more than smashed meat that it now was. The brains not far from the scul were a bit disturbing site, I always thought these were, where my life was canned in.

I raised my eyes towards the so-called angel next to me, who was also blancly staering my remains on the blacktop of the street. I guess he hadn’t expected that, I thought ironically. He was still holding my hand like big brothers keep their tiny sisters under control.

“Umm,” I started, catching his attention, “weren’t you suppose to protect me from getting myself killed?”

Indeed a problem. His deep black eyes turned to me and there were not one hint of everything being ok, instead they were observing me, like asking himself what was he meant to do with me now that I wasn’t useful anymore. For the living that is. I wasn’t useful for the living as they couldn’t contact me anymore and considering he did fight with the other guy, who probably wanted something from me too, so I would… Wait, what DID the other guy want from me and what did this guy want from me?

“Just a little pop up quizz?”  I quicly removed my hand from his and took a step back. He didn’t hurry to catch me again, which probably meant my slaughtered body on the street indeed meant the end of my odyssey. “What was so important that made the two of you came after me? A-and why am I now on the street flat to my face?”

He shrugs his shoulders. The best reason I have ever seen for me to get killed. No point of asking him to repeat his answer.

“What am I suppose to do now?” I continued asking, slightly gettuing agrivated for being killed for no good reason. Asking about my resurection would probably be a bad idea anyway.

He offered me his hand again, obviously suggesting it would be good if I go with him. Using some words might help with communicating?

“I guess I can fly now?”

A slight grin ran over his so far stone carved face and he nodded slowly.

I reached him my hand and a strong grip close on it having no intentions of letting go again and I ran after his heavy steps leading us over the roofs farther away from the busy city.


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