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Story behind the picture

A guy walks on city streets. He has just finished his job and feels good, heading home, warm home with a fire place – something very missed in grey city rain.

Suddenly he stops in shock as a little sunny pony tale across the street captures his eye. She’s far and doesn’t notice him. She is meeting with a man in dark drench coat. They seem close, chatting lightly, laughing even harden. They are in good mood it seems and all he could do is watch them talk.

All the walls are falling as he stands there, afraid to move as then this could be reality. And if so, the girl there is his girlfriend flirting with some stranger!

At first he wants to walk over there, grab that bastard and tell him to keep the hell away from his girlfriend. But he doesn’t do that. Instead he stands there, staring at them.

They keep laughing. Suddenly a gentle kiss marks their leaving and they back away to empty alley, where they soon disappear in fog rising from pipes.

He tries to persuade himself that this can not be and he hastens home, where she said she’ll be. She promised.

He makes his way up the stairs, through the front door, eyes searching for yellow light, but the lamps are switched off and it’s dark. Too dark even to see, the rain has made the day cold and heavy. He takes a seat in the living room, releases himself from overcoat and tries to think, what should he do next.

He finally decides and calls her, but the red mobile she owns plays its sad tune not few feet from him. She has left it home.

Suspicions find their way into his heart, anger takes over what’s left from sorrow. He measures the floors with his flouncing through the rooms, till he stops at the study, flumping down in a comfortable chair.

He stars at the clock, counting the minutes to her return, rushing through haunting thoughts.

An hour pass, then the second. The rain has stopped and sun is out, floating everything with golden light, finding its way even here, to the cold dusty study.

Suddenly the front door creaks and sound of high heals leads the unsuspecting woman inside. She is humming while she puts away her coat, checking through the mail.

He knuckles to get her attention and stare fiercely to her gentle eyes, which reveal no surprise. They argue, woman oblivious of the reason behind his accusations, man angry of betrayal.

Suddenly he falls silent, loathing of his stupidity. The woman standing before him is dressed in blue, while the girl he saw, was wearing yellow…


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