Character Sheets

When you have tons of characters to work out and you feel sick even thinking on repeating the same lists over and over again just to get a glimpse on their abilities and character, then there must be some hope out there to make it easier.

How we view our characters deeply depends on what kind of story we write. Sometimes all you need is really a list of what they look like and some simple background. Another time you need their full skill list just to determine that not every human in the story is part of the super human clan. But writing all the skills down on the paper after every name… and even then you forget to put down how skilled they are… it can be dreadful business.

I was introduced the RPG (Role Play Games) character sheets to help me with my writing and I thought – why not? Only the lists they present there is little short in most cases and tossing dice you can’t even find under stacks of paper? I created my own. Pages where you can play coloring game.  I left out the battle information as I needed something that would fit to my characters and I don’t write the battle scenes. I did keep some weapon related skills in the list.

I fear that even if you do find this pages lacking on something, I won’t be renewing it. I just wanted to put up the ones I did do, so you could benefit from them too. It was easier to handle if you turn them into pdf so you don’t have to fit them all the time. OR. make one double sided copy and then send it through copy machine. Either way – it was helpful. Not always, but quite few stories have grown from those sheets.

You will see the full image when you click on the thumbs. Re-posted from my blog.

These are for personal non-profitable use only! For writers, teachers, students. They may not be produced commercially or sold without my written permission!




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