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As Advertised

I should make a list of all the movies that have caught my eye since summer. There seem to be quite many of them and they are harder to keep eye on. 

  1. Albert Nobbs
  2.  The Jung movie?
  3. Sherlock Holmes second movie?
  4. huh?…

 Ok, so I rather not. As it turns out I’m not much of a list maker anymore.

I did happen to read a book though. “As Advertised” by Jaime Samms. I’m planning bromance story for Nano, it does require I read in the field, like I don’t take this sort of books up unless I feel acquired for the job.

I started reading a different story, a Victorian era MM romance, but after 10th page, which are short, it simply dragged. The MC left me with feeling empty, annoyed. He was a man, who bragged of his odd position, his constant change of personal help, and how they didn’t like him being from lower cast than who they usually served. I stopped reading on spot where some obnoxious fellow told him they aren’t in the same league, which he simply replied they’d see each other later on the ball. I felt like the entire story was dragging towards one goal – he needed a lesson in humility and some married-off-gay would provide him with one.

So I changed for something modern. I was already thinking dismissing it too (the way they talked was nice, but slightly unreal or what do I know?), but then out of a blue the conflict rose and after that I kept reading until7 inthe morning when I had to get up again and come to work. I was slightly disappointed by the ending though. The hints gave the twist away too early and the response by the MC was slightly too easygoing for such news. Too idle I guess. Still, it was far better than I expected and I actually liked the characters, though understanding what they looked like was tricky, not to mention one guy change eye color… Now I know I need to be extra careful with my stories on such small details as it really knocked the mood.

But this reading through night days should be over. Keeping myself up thanks to this is not as pleasent. But I don’t regret it. I liked the book and it is still echoing through my head, so in this light it was worth it.


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Book sells

Book sell Visited a book sell few days back and got some nice books from there. Mostly fairy tales and few others, but I couldn’t spot anything I would imagine using more than once. Fairy tale books however are always useful.

After that, though no money, I spent some evenings scanning the book stores to see what they offer right now. I wasn’t planning on buying any, but it cheered me up to see that this line hasn’t dried out either. There was one that caught my eye. The Strain trilogy Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan. I didn’t see the first book anywhere and I don’t even know exactly what it talks about, but I know I want to read it. The whole series. I ordered it that evening, I’ll spend the first euros from my salary on that. I don’t think the third book has been released yet. Even better – more mystery and thrill.

 Our local library has a nice shelf, where they put the books that haven’t been taken out for long time or are basically outdated. I had no particular book in mind when I went to library today, but came out with two. One being “The Stepford wives” by Ira Levin. I’ve seen every movie version dozen times and knew they were based on a novel, but I’d never guess it was so close to home. Had I known, I would have read it long ago. Now I have it and I’m planning on reading it as soon as I can keep my eyes open in the evening more than 6 seconds.

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