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Writing about itching and scratching

 I want to write about something that even mentioning the topic makes people squeamish on their chairs. I love it. On the other hand, publishing folks might not like it that much. It surprisingly thrilling to read something that has been banned, too. Why is that?

Also, being around people a lot lately, who preach the freedom of thought and ideas, are surprisingly judgmental of things around them. Like one lady that I’ve come to respect over the past year – she was the most amazing lady, preaching about freedom of speech and harmony and loving each other and Earth as our Mother… and following her on FB this past few months… All her testaments talk about protesting against one thing or another or how the government is poisoning them. That woman is so afraid!

Or a friend I’ve admired for close to 6-7 years. She is amazing artist, but quietly loosing her touch with reality. She also talks about freedom and happiness and ideals, yet she constantly comes back to her little truth of being harassed constantly because of her gender.  

Yet I’ve got several, who consider themselves conservatives, opinionated people, who speak of everything, not just preaching, but really talking about things that hurt and things that bring them joy. Surprisingly, they are unhappy and ok with it – they get angry, then they calm down again.

I took up a little chats with my friends on those topics and came to alarming results. I tested my book idea, giving each the same amount of information: “I’m writing a book about two men having sexual relationship, but who are not lovers.”

People, who said they are opinionated conservatives, listened this one sentence, burst laughing and then asked questions on relations and the reasons. Also, they asked about how I would represent it to the local editors, adding they would like to read it. Over all – they were interested what took the characters to take the path they are taking.

People, who said they are free minded people, I got very different responses. The one concerned of her own sexuality, immediately took the approach of the sexuality in the book and said it won’t be published because of it. The entire conversation turned into discussing intimacy between two people instead and how erotic and sensuality is the same (which I preferred to differ on the opinion).  The one having “old religious” views gave me long questioning stare, cheered on the topic, but didn’t get past that. Later I saw an article she had posted on her page about traditional family model. I hadn’t even mentioned homosexuality, because that’s not the main idea, nor had I said anything about cheating on their partners or threats of family life.

It has made me think if those conservative people really are to blame for censured books and topics?

General stand is that they are to blame, but how then is it that if I talk to them, they can find the point of the story and they care enough to learn more about it while free-minded, free-sexual-oriented just blast-hatch on it without any interest of any deeper thought? They just seek what goes together with their cause, but neatly leave all the rest out?

Perhaps I should re-orient myself to write for those opinionated folks instead of blasters, because the last month’s experiences have led me to believe there is very little freedom in free thinking.

Still, I appreciate having both of them around, because if I think back on this, they do make a nice sphere and together I can talk both on details, moods and backgrounds, see the problems it rises and find the solutions.

But when it comes to scratching the ideas that irritate – both are to blame.


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As Advertised

I should make a list of all the movies that have caught my eye since summer. There seem to be quite many of them and they are harder to keep eye on. 

  1. Albert Nobbs
  2.  The Jung movie?
  3. Sherlock Holmes second movie?
  4. huh?…

 Ok, so I rather not. As it turns out I’m not much of a list maker anymore.

I did happen to read a book though. “As Advertised” by Jaime Samms. I’m planning bromance story for Nano, it does require I read in the field, like I don’t take this sort of books up unless I feel acquired for the job.

I started reading a different story, a Victorian era MM romance, but after 10th page, which are short, it simply dragged. The MC left me with feeling empty, annoyed. He was a man, who bragged of his odd position, his constant change of personal help, and how they didn’t like him being from lower cast than who they usually served. I stopped reading on spot where some obnoxious fellow told him they aren’t in the same league, which he simply replied they’d see each other later on the ball. I felt like the entire story was dragging towards one goal – he needed a lesson in humility and some married-off-gay would provide him with one.

So I changed for something modern. I was already thinking dismissing it too (the way they talked was nice, but slightly unreal or what do I know?), but then out of a blue the conflict rose and after that I kept reading until7 inthe morning when I had to get up again and come to work. I was slightly disappointed by the ending though. The hints gave the twist away too early and the response by the MC was slightly too easygoing for such news. Too idle I guess. Still, it was far better than I expected and I actually liked the characters, though understanding what they looked like was tricky, not to mention one guy change eye color… Now I know I need to be extra careful with my stories on such small details as it really knocked the mood.

But this reading through night days should be over. Keeping myself up thanks to this is not as pleasent. But I don’t regret it. I liked the book and it is still echoing through my head, so in this light it was worth it.

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Updating myself on my tasks

 Something good. A blog entry: “:Another Way to Love: GLBT Culture in the Age of Steam

I was amazed, it went well what I was looking for and it answered one question that had bugging me, plus it warmed my heart that I can finally refer to an entry in web that responses to what I see and feel and think. YES! Where was it when I was preparing for my final essay?

This means my story idea has merit and inspires to search more about it and built it strong.

About my stories. Yesterday, having forgotten almost everything behind, I made my year’s plan. At first I thought to make it to the end of the year, but as I have severeal things going, I decided to do it for entire year. Ummh… now I know my every move for the next year… it isn’t pretty… so much work…

Oh well. There isn’t anything I can do about it. If I want my goals to go through, I must work for it.

Edit. FANTASTIC FORUM! I am amazed by dislogical thinking human being can come up with. Not for children, seriously!

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Lesbian before lesbians were lesbians

!!! M-rating all the way! Mature eyes only!

The headline is from Writer’s House page, which seemed most suited for the task.

I have a problem with one of my story. If it was a simple one, I wouldn’t be hassling here about it.

My problem is: how to put two mid-forties gentlemen in Boston marriage (I’d rather use the term friendship, so… bromance? But there will be sexual interest in game, so… no?) so it would play out as such and not homosexual relationship as it would look like; and they have no homo social biases beforehand.

No, it’s not a joke – it’s a serious problem.   Continue reading

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