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If you don’t want to know what happens in the series, I suggest not reading further!

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The muses are indeed merciful.

I wanted to base some parts of my story monsters on Marfan Syndrome and was thinking of it, when suddenly a girl walked in – huge, and I mean tall! I have seen tall people in my life but she nearly took my breath. I automatically rose, instinctively trying to reduce the distance between us. Later my brother musingly suggested that it wouldn’t matter to someone her size if I was standing or sitting, she’d still see me like little ant. In a way a very correct observation.

I’m usually not that aghast when I see someone her size. It hasn’t bothered me at all – my cousin is well over 2 meters and there are several short folks around here and I saw many in the hospital in my youth.

But SHE! It took me one quick glance to see all what I so far had only read about in flesh right before me. She has all the symptoms! She must be Marfan syndrome carrier! I am not mean person and what a world wouldn’t I wish she didn’t have it, but on that moment I had hard time keeping myself from staring or observing her every move, her every gesture, the movement of her muscle… What a life!

But seeing the syndrome in flesh means I’ve got a monster problem. And I don’t just mean the size of it. If I use this syndrome – the book would be unbelievable and that in a bad way. The characters would be too unrealistic to relate with.

Thank heaven this came out now, not when I have most of the book written out and then discover I have major rotting root in my character build up.

Oh muses – help me find the monster, who is suitable, right and most relatable!

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Evening with social freaks

 The day before yesterday I happened on a show from one of the far end channels on our Viasat package. I don’t even know what channel it was, just random number combination, but what I saw there caught my eye. Someone playing Hyde! Like Jeckyll and Hyde!

So yesterday I searched it out. Indeed, someone had made a TV series out of it. The first impression, however, wasn’t very pleasant. I still decided to take peek in other episodes and just check the character built. Until I saw the first, the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth episode and suddenly it didn’t matter how bad the script was, because James Nesbitt was impressive. And because they used low trick many women are suckers for – the devil with a soul. Sue me – I like it! There is always prince hidden in the monster. Actually – sue Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, who wrote down the first version on Beauty and the Beast.

To top this off I watched the new episodes of BBC Sherlock.

Sherlock (God’s gift to women)

Wait! When I said “there is always prince hidden in the monster”, it means literature! I like those stories, yes, but you must understand one thing. I do not dream of saving some lost soul. In real world it doesn’t exist and it is one road that will only take you through hell. I fancy the stories, but even there I get enough at some point and it’s far more interesting to sit, relax and watch them… fall. I’m not weird, I just happen to be big fan of Dorian Gray. You seriously should read analyzes on that character!

That would make my ideal character mix of BBC Sherlock, Jeckyll-Hyde and Dorian Gray? Oh my! Now that would be cool one to read about!

I’m back on track, in other words, and I think I figured out another problem on the novel.


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Silly or joke – neither of them

Here I sit, with glass of nice wine just close by (yes, I’m drinking wine, ladies – if you’re faintish, the smelling salt is on your right) and taking together this week’s most extraordinary learning marathon on topic “how to write about two humped animal in your book without feeling silly or making it into a joke”.

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Did I mention I had solid characters?

What if they turn out to be solid person? I am seriously thinking on sending the internet to hell for ruin my ideas all the time. Not so much ruin, but forcing me in depression over non-existing characters. But this time I don’t think I want to change him.

 Saul-Erik (33), Caucasian, male, who was born on the east side of Montfort, in a suburban city, fating itself up after 20 year crises. He was born in the end of Hippie era in a middle class family he was named after Kings of kings. Never fitting in, he ran from home at the age of 12. After 2 years on streets, he is picked up by a tall man, who offers him both a place and work. He takes him in a nice family in a neighboring city and learns there about the Hidden and sees firsthand what they go through. At the age of 15, he ends up in a middle of a riot and witnesses what changes his life forever. At the age of 17, he is reunited with his family, but is never really the same. Neither does he really return to his family, preferring his new one and after that he visits them, but never goes home again. During this time he witnesses another set of events that steadies his plans further, turning his plans into solid rock. He studies economics in university while preparing himself for the task ahead and after Rasmus gives him the leading position for the Hidden, he takes over with plans of giving the Hidden back the life before fear and heartache, restore the paradise, where one can walk their dog in daylight. But building a paradise and filling it with angels is never easy…

 My problem? It turns out there is one man in the monstrous world, who apparently has the same steady goal. Perhaps without the background, but the duty, the purpose, the… Yeah…

A friend once said, there is no same description on anybody. It’s just the sinking shock that the imagined man is real – I can’t seem to make up my mind if I ought to be flattered or cry.

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Excitement turns to dust and depression flips its wings.

 In other words – how writer’s life is either dipolar disorder or Phoenix raised from its grave.

I spent 5 hours in the library yesterday and just wrote my novel instead of plotting it to pieces. In the evening I came to a grim notion that I have the emotions, characters, close to solid plot, scenes, places (got the street names for last!) and dilemmas, but somehow they aren’t interacting, the lovers are stiff and emotionally barren and oddly I’m still writing the plot that goes around the corner and doesn’t touch the characters at all. Neither are the small signs showing that I had figured out already and reasons why the society is as it is. Like watching jelly wobble on a windy day.

So today I’ve come to my conclusion that I will set the whole written part (1/9th of  100k) aside and start the story from the beginning once more. Because there simply isn’t anything that would show the plot in the character’s lived or vice versa.  That’s, what, third time now?

At least I figured it out now, ay? Not when I was in editing stage and read the book as if made of stiff puppets.

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I’m changing my name – Mentally Challenged

Lately I have this monstrous plan in my head to put all my modern story characters to live in one place so I wouldn’t have less work in the future. Background as such is a bit of abstract thing to me, meaning I describe it as I go, but mostly I do it so it could be anywhere. So why not have one place altogether where they could live happily ever after?

The plan itself isn’t so new. I think I was pondering over its usefulness already when building the city for one of my first longer stories. Back then I didn’t pay much attention to it as I needed to create the world for that particular story. Now I feel I’m a bit late with accomplishing it. In a quick peek on what went on and when and putting just the list together of characters, who do fit the profile is enormous. The quick statistic of my story ideas I have worked into possible beginnings I’d like to turn back to shows that I have around 600 characters for about 300 stories. Not included the snippets in my scrap files or stories that are placed in their specific era or background or reality.

On one side it warms my heart that I’m not without a reason thinking of myself as a writer, but on the other side I know it would be monstrous idea to put it all in one file to get statistics on them. Impossible at this point too as I don’t have such time on my hands right now.

What I could do is I can still develop the city itself and add the characters and their living places, etc on the map as I turn back to the stories.

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