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Little social experiment: forbidden under 18

Had this flash idea this morning, noticing another “Forbidden under age 18”and remembering a joke from the morning’s newspaper:

Barman: “You can’t be here with your cow.”
Guest (with the cow): “Why not?”
Barman points at the sign: “No one under 18 allowed”

 You know all those warnings everywhere with the flashing sign “Forbidden under age 18”? How many of us actually put attention to them in our tender age and how many actually do it now?

 Character would be a responsible, loyal girl (because they follow rules better), who has been explained the experiment she’ll pass. The challenge is to get to the age of eighteen without ever – and I mean ever! – clicking any website, read paper or watched anything not allowed under 18.

 How long would she last? What challenges would she face? How would she cope?

 Play around – it’s free for taking.
I know you want to  😉


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