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The muses are indeed merciful.

I wanted to base some parts of my story monsters on Marfan Syndrome and was thinking of it, when suddenly a girl walked in – huge, and I mean tall! I have seen tall people in my life but she nearly took my breath. I automatically rose, instinctively trying to reduce the distance between us. Later my brother musingly suggested that it wouldn’t matter to someone her size if I was standing or sitting, she’d still see me like little ant. In a way a very correct observation.

I’m usually not that aghast when I see someone her size. It hasn’t bothered me at all – my cousin is well over 2 meters and there are several short folks around here and I saw many in the hospital in my youth.

But SHE! It took me one quick glance to see all what I so far had only read about in flesh right before me. She has all the symptoms! She must be Marfan syndrome carrier! I am not mean person and what a world wouldn’t I wish she didn’t have it, but on that moment I had hard time keeping myself from staring or observing her every move, her every gesture, the movement of her muscle… What a life!

But seeing the syndrome in flesh means I’ve got a monster problem. And I don’t just mean the size of it. If I use this syndrome – the book would be unbelievable and that in a bad way. The characters would be too unrealistic to relate with.

Thank heaven this came out now, not when I have most of the book written out and then discover I have major rotting root in my character build up.

Oh muses – help me find the monster, who is suitable, right and most relatable!


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