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Life does its corrections.

I say – life intervenes like bad parent. The thing is I have only a month to finish my book and send it out. Thank heavens I don’t have actual datum fixed by any publishers, but I feel bad about it nevertheless. It’s just two little factors, three even if to count my phone, which also acted as my e-reader.

One – I still haven’t got my computer back. I miss it tremendously. Though I can use brother’s pc and work computer, it is still far less than what I accomplished if I had my own personal computer with 24/7 access. Brother said he wouldn’t mind, but as we pretty much have breaks from work at the same time, I am the one feeling poor for occupying it all the time. There is another pc at home, but that’s strictly for business. Also, it’s looking grim on finances, so it will take few more months before I get it fixed.

Two – school. Surprise! Actually, it’s to do with the fact that my teacher approved my writing plan for bachelor thesis and wants to meet up in the beginning of May for updates on research. I chose the subject well – there’s massive amount of information to work through and even more massive work to write down. Also, school has been so far on the back of my lists and it’s starting to show. I need to put anything else I’m doing away and work on that for now. Bad side of it is that every time I say that I end up scribbling down more ideas than in months.

Three – my phone finished working. Again. Third time already and it’s getting irritated. Last time I had it somewhat 4-5 days and right before it froze and shut down yesterday, I downloaded the last app that would turn the phone from being just a phone into useful tool for me. Managed to load the books up, too… The phone is right now the only place I have time to read fiction from while I travel. It was ideal. And now it must go back in repairs and they’ll try to do something with it again. Good luck, because my patience is wearing thin – I just paid my last payment for it and that little fact is even more irritating in the light of probability of loosing it. So right now I’m putting my writing on the shelf and try to get back on line with my schoolwork, financial state and time planning. I have about ¾ written, so it shouldn’t be big problem to get back on saddle when ever I manage to get a moment.



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