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Interview with yourself

What got you interested in your book subjects?

“Portrate of the dead girl” started off from researching people as a taboo in society, the so-called stigma and how it reflected in the life of human guinea pigs. It was an innocent idea that soon rolled over into alternative history and “what ifs” that demanded answers. I’m still working on it, but like real life – with every new piece of information, the entire road changes, so I just hope it will get done in time.

“Midas Ears” started as another study of human sexuality. At first I thought it was simply an erotic story that needed a background, but further I get with it, the less it is simple. I keep thinking on what it means to actually write on this topic, the twisted lives that get mixed out of a knowledge retrieved from our friends. How much it actually affects us what they give us for truth.

They both seem to be related with social taboos?

Yes. I am intrigued by the topic since I got my first access to the local university library and never looked back. People often say that it’s the darkness of humanity that appeals to me, but I don’t agree. When I was young, I knew I was easily influenced and I learned early that to me, the greatest trap was the mystery of not knowing what things were. So in order to protect myself, I simply started disillusioning myself. I started reading about topics others wouldn’t explain to me or deemed dangerous. After a while these topics started interest me not only because I wanted to protect myself, but also how others perceived them, how easily they were brushed aside for the sake of humanity without thinking twice.

Where do you get your information from?

Mostly from the libraries. While internet is good for understanding wildly perceived truths, then for more specific and medical information, it is still best to turn to the books. The scientific explanations might sound rigid and confusing at first, but after a while they read as logical as reading old fairy tales. If old fairy tales can be counted as logical.

You also work full-time?

Yes. I work for a company that accommodates university students.

How has this helped with your writing work?

Through my work I come in contact with people from different social structure and beliefs. I have discovered that if before I was able to only create characters, who had similar back story as mine, I am now able to take broader view and create characters on larger scale. Not to mention information and details I receive straight from the source. After I’ve started working with foreigners, I’ve also widened my characters base.

Is that why you decided to write “Midas Ears”?

No. I had the basic idea worked out few years before, so it was before I moved to work with foreigners. The full idea didn’t come to light before I had met certain people, yes.

Do you base your characters on real people?

I avoid it. I have characters, which have got inspiration from real people, but I never use them as one-on-one. I develop them all myself and though I borrow line or two from friends, I find it unethical to base entire form on them. Not only because it can tare people apart, but because they trust me not to end up in my books and I respect them for it. I write fantasies, after all and it’s not easy to walk around being judged by some outsider’s view on your life.

In your local newspaper there is a discussion over ending support for light reading in libraries to support more local writers. What do you think of it?

To be honest, I try not to get involved in public discussion on it. I have tried for years to make local writers to understand that you don’t have to write only large scale philosophical and psychological novels to be recognized as a writer. That it is ok to walk on a meeting with local writers and say that you are writing an action novel or that you write romance as profession and it isn’t diminishing your quality. Such decisions from our diplomatic corpus aren’t making things easier. It’s already hard to push through as it is, but such outbursts only harden society’s trust in literature. Often forgot, the two main reasons for literature to exist is to educate and to entertain, make things easier to cope with. By personality I don’t go running for heavy psychological drama if my own life is close to crashing and I don’t believe others would do. Perhaps indeed we should consider changing the lists of books ordered in library to support local market, but I don’t think they should be homes for heavy material only either. What seems philosophically good and valuable now will be just as invaluable in few decades.

Are there topics you never want to explore?

Never say never, but there are few. I think there is a good reason why some topics are not explored in literature. Yet I take my hat down before the writers who do write on them, because they are seriously hard to pull off. I don’t generally write about un-consented rape. As a writer, I make difference in different situations of rape, but as a person I do not.

How can you bring excuse to something unacceptable as a writer while not as a person?

When I write through a character, the impressions they give are not impressions of me, but my masked puppets. I would never consent into poisoning or cutting other’s fingers off while my character would. Nor would I start smoking though they do. My characters are not me.

What are your next years goals?

To finish the books I’ve started and send them to publishers in time. To find time for my love of writing and to be able do more than just work out new ideas.


Today’s post is my response to the prompt What books are your nightstand?, this month’s topic for the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour. Throughout the month, you can get to know twenty (or so) other writers from various genres and backgrounds and at various places in their careers. Next stop on the tour is Tiberius Clausewitz Drusus Nero Germanicus on November 21st, 2011.


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Writing about itching and scratching

 I want to write about something that even mentioning the topic makes people squeamish on their chairs. I love it. On the other hand, publishing folks might not like it that much. It surprisingly thrilling to read something that has been banned, too. Why is that?

Also, being around people a lot lately, who preach the freedom of thought and ideas, are surprisingly judgmental of things around them. Like one lady that I’ve come to respect over the past year – she was the most amazing lady, preaching about freedom of speech and harmony and loving each other and Earth as our Mother… and following her on FB this past few months… All her testaments talk about protesting against one thing or another or how the government is poisoning them. That woman is so afraid!

Or a friend I’ve admired for close to 6-7 years. She is amazing artist, but quietly loosing her touch with reality. She also talks about freedom and happiness and ideals, yet she constantly comes back to her little truth of being harassed constantly because of her gender.  

Yet I’ve got several, who consider themselves conservatives, opinionated people, who speak of everything, not just preaching, but really talking about things that hurt and things that bring them joy. Surprisingly, they are unhappy and ok with it – they get angry, then they calm down again.

I took up a little chats with my friends on those topics and came to alarming results. I tested my book idea, giving each the same amount of information: “I’m writing a book about two men having sexual relationship, but who are not lovers.”

People, who said they are opinionated conservatives, listened this one sentence, burst laughing and then asked questions on relations and the reasons. Also, they asked about how I would represent it to the local editors, adding they would like to read it. Over all – they were interested what took the characters to take the path they are taking.

People, who said they are free minded people, I got very different responses. The one concerned of her own sexuality, immediately took the approach of the sexuality in the book and said it won’t be published because of it. The entire conversation turned into discussing intimacy between two people instead and how erotic and sensuality is the same (which I preferred to differ on the opinion).  The one having “old religious” views gave me long questioning stare, cheered on the topic, but didn’t get past that. Later I saw an article she had posted on her page about traditional family model. I hadn’t even mentioned homosexuality, because that’s not the main idea, nor had I said anything about cheating on their partners or threats of family life.

It has made me think if those conservative people really are to blame for censured books and topics?

General stand is that they are to blame, but how then is it that if I talk to them, they can find the point of the story and they care enough to learn more about it while free-minded, free-sexual-oriented just blast-hatch on it without any interest of any deeper thought? They just seek what goes together with their cause, but neatly leave all the rest out?

Perhaps I should re-orient myself to write for those opinionated folks instead of blasters, because the last month’s experiences have led me to believe there is very little freedom in free thinking.

Still, I appreciate having both of them around, because if I think back on this, they do make a nice sphere and together I can talk both on details, moods and backgrounds, see the problems it rises and find the solutions.

But when it comes to scratching the ideas that irritate – both are to blame.

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Estonian speller

I made myself a gift today. Something I should have done nearly a year ago, but for some reason I didn’t. I got myself Estonian speller, thesaurus and divider for MS Word 2007.

It’s just I spent nearly half of the time when writing on going back and researching the words I made mistakes in. So now I should have faster typing speed. I searched other options and free options, but couldn’t find any. So… I ironglad my heart and bought it. It better be worth the money!

 Like that means I’ve reached to absolute writing world. Unfortunately I have not. I’m still bothered by the story so far and keep getting the red flag that I’m not really writing the story right or that the characters give the wrong impression and not the hiding-for-the-future, but not-what-I-want-at-all kind. It’s so irritating. Perhaps I’ve overdone with the idea and need to go back to the basics. Ugh! I need wallpaper roll! And then start the story over. Perhaps… hmm!

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Silly or joke – neither of them

Here I sit, with glass of nice wine just close by (yes, I’m drinking wine, ladies – if you’re faintish, the smelling salt is on your right) and taking together this week’s most extraordinary learning marathon on topic “how to write about two humped animal in your book without feeling silly or making it into a joke”.

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Excitement turns to dust and depression flips its wings.

 In other words – how writer’s life is either dipolar disorder or Phoenix raised from its grave.

I spent 5 hours in the library yesterday and just wrote my novel instead of plotting it to pieces. In the evening I came to a grim notion that I have the emotions, characters, close to solid plot, scenes, places (got the street names for last!) and dilemmas, but somehow they aren’t interacting, the lovers are stiff and emotionally barren and oddly I’m still writing the plot that goes around the corner and doesn’t touch the characters at all. Neither are the small signs showing that I had figured out already and reasons why the society is as it is. Like watching jelly wobble on a windy day.

So today I’ve come to my conclusion that I will set the whole written part (1/9th of  100k) aside and start the story from the beginning once more. Because there simply isn’t anything that would show the plot in the character’s lived or vice versa.  That’s, what, third time now?

At least I figured it out now, ay? Not when I was in editing stage and read the book as if made of stiff puppets.

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Sexual deviantism

!!! M-rating all the way! Mature eyes only!

 Uu! That’s one heavy headline.

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Continuing research

Interesting how one idea that has left you close to death with researching it out suddenly stops being interesting at all. Then, after half a month has past, its suddenly up and rolling again. I feel like suddenly I need to start working on it again as life isn’t a petty time passing by.

Today I had an exam I had prepared myself for quite some time. I feel like it suddenly put me back on track on working again. Perhaps its just the adrenalin finally leaving my body and having brains back again.

Or perhaps its the interesting topic of legislations of Soviet Union the teacher is talking about in front. Though surprisingly interesting topic (did you know there is a keep place in Siberia where they keep many documents related to Baltic states?), I must say the topic of How much to use real history in my story looks much more appealing.

I have decided to use background mix of real life, but to put the story in a made up society and the city.  Therefore I now need to know what and how I’ll put up as facts and what I will add. And there is still the question of their background. Like the man responsible for them. Who is he? Should it be he? In what terms did he work on such things?

Also, finish up the yoville love as well. That game is seriously distracting. While I’m at it. All the programs created for writing. I’ve come to conclusion that though helpful and though I kinda like using them, they are still not for me.  Working the system up is very time consuming. I think I’m still paper and pen person.  Having it all in one-two notebooks and then working from them seems still the best way I work. Plus no problems with different computers. I do like Dramatica Pro and Scrivener, which I think I will add to my writing systems after all   (I adore that I can create my own templates!). But everything else. No.

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