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Updating myself on my tasks

 Something good. A blog entry: “:Another Way to Love: GLBT Culture in the Age of Steam

I was amazed, it went well what I was looking for and it answered one question that had bugging me, plus it warmed my heart that I can finally refer to an entry in web that responses to what I see and feel and think. YES! Where was it when I was preparing for my final essay?

This means my story idea has merit and inspires to search more about it and built it strong.

About my stories. Yesterday, having forgotten almost everything behind, I made my year’s plan. At first I thought to make it to the end of the year, but as I have severeal things going, I decided to do it for entire year. Ummh… now I know my every move for the next year… it isn’t pretty… so much work…

Oh well. There isn’t anything I can do about it. If I want my goals to go through, I must work for it.

Edit. FANTASTIC FORUM! I am amazed by dislogical thinking human being can come up with. Not for children, seriously!


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Interesting places in vast internet

I tried to do a document for FB for myself and others, who showed interest, but failed. Don’t know what I did wrong there, but instead I put it here. Might be useful to someone out there. I didn’t feel adequate to listmania it all on the side bar either.

 I’m planning to add here as I find new links that might prove useful over longer time period.

If anyone knows any good links on map making or character sheets, I’d be very grateful.

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